Kubuntu is Awesome

Published: July 11, 2021
Written by: Vít Černý

I’ve recently switched to Kubuntu and it’s been great.

Everything just works. Drivers just work. Package management just works. KDE Plasma and its default programs just work and are, I’d argue, more featureful and better designed than Windows and its defaults.

I mean, this should be the standard Linux desktop. Not that GNOME Frankenstein (imagine having installed 20 extensions just to make your DE usable) that ships with Ubuntu. Not to mention that Plasma is definitely more welcoming to ex-Windows users than GNOME, the big UX experiment (which I have little against).

Maybe desktop Linux is salvageable. I’m feeling optimistic: pipewire, flatpak, systemd,… Maybe someday one will just install a desktop Linux distribution and get a simple, coherent experience.

My desktop with Plasma

My desktop with Kubuntu


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