Monthly Music: Introduction

“As a restful diversion from this work, Drury proposed giving him a record-player and some records of his choice. Wittgenstein declined. It would never do, he said; it would be like giving him a box of chocolates: ‘I wouldn’t know when to stop eating.’ On the other hand, Drury himself, he said, ought to listen to music when he was tired after his work. And so the next morning he had a radio set delivered to Drury’s rooms. Shortly after this Drury remarked on the great improvement of recording techniques evident in the records he heard on the radio. This elicited from Wittgenstein a typically Spenglerian reflection: It is so characteristic that, just when the mechanics of reproduction are so vastly improved, there are fewer and fewer people who know how the music should be played.” (from Ludwig Wittgenstein by Ray Monk, 1990)

I often listen to music, so I decided to start writing monthly articles about some albums I’ve been listening to. Also, I want to better my listening habits, because I resent (for various reasons) the idea of always passively consuming music.

How I Listen to Music

Primarily, I grow my music collection (mostly lossless) on an external HDD. I used to be a self-proclaimed audiophile, but I changed my mind and now I think the quality of 320 kbps MP3 is quite good enough.

I use my headphones, at the time of writing, Senheiser 350BT, most of the time. Can’t afford a fancy sound system, yet.

I usually discover new music via Spotify, I don’t pay for it, but the algorithms are awesome. I often find new music just by learning and reading stuff, though.

Music players don’t really matter, but I really like Foobar2000 (which I don’t use as it is exclusively for Windows)

Monthly Music

Every month, I’ll listen to 7 albums and review them in an article on this website. I might finally consider adding tags for that matter.