Recent Changes

Well, I’ve almost finished my new website. So here’s a short reflection and summary.


I made my new website with the Hugo SSG. It’s been great so far and certainly an upgrade from Jekyll:

  • It’s faster than Jekyll (Go vs Ruby)
  • Great docs and active community and development
  • Just a single binary (installing Jekyll took me always at least 15 mins)
  • I think it’s just better (I feel more productive with Hugo)


I don’t enjoy doing frontend much, but I put some work into CSS this time and I think it shows.

I added some JS too, I’m not as autistic about the web as I used to be:

  • Lightbox for photos
  • List filters and other little tools
  • Katex for rendering math

Still it’s quite fast and low on bandwith.


Finally, the probably biggest reason why I decided to remake my website is so that I could share my notes here. That is all in my effort to learn in public

Currently I import most notes from Roam Research. (making it all work required quite some effort and lots of regex) I might abandon RR in the future and just write my notes directly here as I do with school notes now. My setup is quite comfy, I basically have Obsidian opened on the content folder and just write plain markdown with a little bit of YAML in the frontamtter.