Software I Use

Published: January 24, 2021
Written by: Vít Černý

(this article is continually updated) A list of software I use and recommend:

OS: Debian GNU/Linux


GNOME theming:

GNOME extensions and tweaks:

Why I use GNOME (and not tiling WMs), I explain here.

Terminal: GNOME terminal or st (Luke Smith’s build)

Text editor: Emacs (Doom Emacs) and vim in the terminal.

Browser: Brave (a FOSS, chromium-based browser with lots of awesome features)

There’s been some unjustified (imo) criticism against brave, so I recommend reading this article.

Media player: mpv

Music: Quod Libet

A more than decent alternative to Foobar2000 on Linux. As someone with a big music library, I like the philosophy behind it: “It’s designed around the idea that you know how to organize your music better than we do.”

I also use Flacon for splitting albums according to CUE files and Shortwave for listening to internet radios.

PKM (personal knowledge managment): Roam Research

I am going to write an article about it, its approach to note-taking and knowledge in general is revolutionary. I also use Pomotroid (a pomodoro timer).

E-books: Calibre

Managing, converting, editing,… e-books.

Task managment, tracking habits, calendar, contacts, writing papers: org-mode in Emacs

The le arning curve is steep, but it’s indeed worth it. I’ll write about it.

No need to get FOMO though. If you already have a system that you’re content and productive with, I think there’s not really a reason to switch, especially if you’re not planning on using Emacs.

File Manager: Nautilus (GNOME default) and Midnight Commander in the terminal.

P2P: Qbittorrent and Soulseek

Documents: I use zathura as my pdf reader. It’s not very advanced, but it’s simple and keyboard-driven. I write official documents in LaTeX. I write most of my drafts in markdown with Apostrophe. I use lilypond for music notation.

RSS: I used newsboat and tried elfeed, but I want my rss feeds synced across devices, so I use Inoreader.

Other tools: I am ok with most of the programs in the GNOME minimal package group. Some other nice programs include: rsync (for working with files in the terminal), neofetch (I use Arch, btw.), youtube-dl, drive (a git-like google drive client), syncthing (syncing files on multiple devices) bashmount, cmus (lightweight terminal music player), yay (the AUR helper) and of course git, npm,… and other tools for development.




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