Clojure at CMGP

Published: September 28, 2021
Written by: Vít Černý


Clojure is a Lisp dialect. Clojure is a hosted language that compiles into Java bytecode. ClojureScript is a Clojure compiler that emits JavaScript.

Regardless of whether you like or know functional programming, we think it can be an enriching experience.


Martin Doušek (G6 at the time of writing) originally came up with an idea to build an online platform for students to share notes as he found existing solutions to be unsatisfactory.

Approaching me and Oliver Klimeš asking for collaboration on this project, we eventually ended up agreeing to learn Clojure in order to build the platform in ClojureScript eventually. So we’ll learn something entirely new as well.

Because this project will be quite big (and fun), more people on the team would help us. It’s fun to learn stuff with more people.


If you’re studying at CMGP and find this interesting, we’d like you to join us. Write us an email (one of the addresses down below) or comment (at the bottom) and we’ll catch up with you. We’ll have regular weekly meetings and some online groups set up.

While no prior experience with programming is strictly needed, it will definitely come in handy. Apart from Clojure, you’ll learn lots of new stuff from CS in general, how to use various development tools (git, IDEs) and memes. Occasional debates about music, art and philosophy are included.

This project is currently not officially backed up by any teacher, we’re edgy.




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