Since 2020 I’ve been taking notes digitally, mostly in Roam Research. I like the idea of learning in public and sharing one’s knowledge online, so I’ve written a few scripts and established a system of importing some of my notes to this website.

Edit: As of March 2022, I switched full time to Obsidian, trying to publish all my notes on this website.

What notes can you find here

I sort my notes into three categories:

I read a book (nonfiction) and make notes from it.

Notes from more structured material, something like I took a course or studied a textbook.

People who know me are probably well-aware of my attitude towards the mass education system. And that’s why I don’t put notes from school as research since school is mostly busywork, not me trying to learn something. Still for the benefit of my peers (and as a motivation for me to do something in the classes), I put some of my better notes online.


Some of my notes are imported from Roam, usually via this small python script, which works on top of Roam’s markdown export. Among other things, this script basically selects a group of related notes and removes all ties they have to notes outside of that group.


Most of my notes are in English, ale některé jsou v češtině.