Created: Jan 14, 2022


I don’t think complex note-taking systems, e.g., zettelkasten, are useful. In fact, I view notes only as a medium between the material I study and my thinking. If I could remember everything I read, I wouldn’t take notes, I would write essays. I only put notes here for quick reference.


I don’t put the majority of my notes online for various reasons. Notes I put here are generally separated into two following categories:

  1. Notes from school

I separate them hierarchically into grades and further into courses (subjects). There is very little linking between them. They’re probably useful only for my Czech classmates.

I’ll just say here I haven’t been taking many notes from school lately because I have more autistic frens to do it for me. (/s)

  1. Notes from my own studies

These are categorized by topic and then further organically divided and linked to each other.

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Notes by topics:

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