Achean League


Origins of the Achean League

  • The Achean league was originally formed in the 5th century BC as a confederation in northern Peloponnese
  • It was reestablished in the 3rd century BC, by Aratus of Sicycon
    • Its capital was in Megalopolis

Revival of Sparta

Acheans vs. Sparta

  • Soon, Acheans and Spartans fought over the Peloponnese

Fall of Megalopolis

  • 226 BC
  • Spartans under Cleomenes against Acheans under Aratus
  • Spartans won and destroyed Achean headquarters in Megalopolis

Battle of Sellasia

  • 222 BC
  • Acheans allied themselves with Antigonus III (king of Macedon)
  • Spartans were vastly outnumbered and destroyed

Philopoemen vs. Nabis

  • 209–192 BC
  • Achean league assumed their dominant position in the Peloponnese under Philopoemen
  • Nabis, a tyrant and the last Spartan king, arose in Sparta
  • Acheans persuaded Romans (proconsul Flaminius in particular) that Spartan power needs to be checked
    • Of course, Sparta stood no chance against the allied forces of Romans and Acheans and was utterly defeated in the end

Achean Wars

  • Philopoemen tried to keep good relations with Rome
    • But after his death, anti-Rome sentiment arose

Battle of Leucapetra

  • 146 BC
  • Also known as the battle of Corinth
  • Roman army under Lucius Mummius against forces of the Achean league under Diacus
    • The Greeks were obviously outnumbered
  • Greeks lost
    • Corinth is completely destroyed and its inhabitans sent to slavery
    • Many works of art were transfered from Greece to Rome, exposing it further to Greek culture
      Expansion of Rome, about 2nd century B.C.
      Expansion of Rome, about 2nd century B.C.