Design Philosophy of Steve Jobs

  • Intersection of technology and humanities
  • Two big influences:
    1. Mike Markulla’s memo:
      1. empathy
      • Understand needs of customers [More than they do themselves!!]
      1. Focus
      • You gotta get rid of most things
      1. People judge the book by its cover
      • You have to present your product in the best manner possible
      • End to end control of the product and user experience
    1. Minimalism and perfection
    • Minimalism, yet playful
      • With physical products we have to feel like we dominate them
        • ‘Jobs had aimed for the simplicity that comes from conquering complexities, not ignoring them.’
      • To be truly simple you have to go really deep - Johny Ive

    • Perfection
      • Never shipped until perfect
      • Caring about the parts unseen
      • End to end control of the user experience