Introduction to Ancient Greece

Behind the big stories there are a few subtle things useful to know.

  • Geography

    • No area in Greece that is further than 80 km from the sea
    • Agriculture was at the heart of greek community life
      • 3 main elements of their diet: olives, grapes and grain
  • Hellenic Tribes

    • The greek tribes more or less settled after the dark ages
    • There were four
      • Ionians (Iones)
        • They inhabited Athens, Attica region, Chalkidice in Macedonia, colonies in Pontus, almost all the Aegean islands and minor Asia.

      • Dorians (Thoriis)
        • The most numerous at some point and warlike, the most famous of the Dorians were the Spartans. They inhabited most of Pelopennesus, parts of Thessaly, Aetolia, Akarnania, Thesprotia, Epirus, parts of Macedonia and some islands in Aegean and Ionian sea.

      • Acheans (Ahei)
        • These ones inhabited the central Peloponnesus and Cyprus. They used to be the dominant tribe in Peloponnesus in Mycenean times and they were the majority in the Trojan war. They were overwhelmed later by Dorians. Acheans are the only of the 4 major Hellenic tribes who didn’t have their own dialect of the Greek language and instead spoke ‘Archaic Dorian’.

      • Aeolians (Eolis)
        • Aeolians inhabited parts of Macedonia, they were dominant in Thessaly and Boeotia. Thebes, one of the major powers and rivals in ancient Greece was founded and inhabited by Aeolians.

    • Map of greek dialects
    • Extremely detailed information for autists here
  • Timeline