• Came from a noble Athenian family (Philaid clan)
  • Lived ~550–489 BC
  • He became a vassal to Persia in Thrace (Darius' invasion to the colony where he lived there)
    • Joined Darius' expedition against the Scythians

Persian Wars

  • Joined the Ionian revolution
  • Stunning victory at the battle of Marathon won him great fame
  • He used his victory to convince Athens to provide a fleet for him to embark on a dubious mission to capture the island of Paros. It is unclear exactly what his motive for doing this was, but in any case, the mission was a failure, and he returned to Athens severely injured and disgraced. His enemies insisted that he pay back the treasury of Athens for the cost of the mission, but he had not the funds to pay the fine at the time he died.