Non-linear Thinking

  • We don’t have a word for non-linear in our languages because nobody would consider travelling, thinking or talking in a straight line in the first place. The winding path is just how a path is, and therefore it needs no name.

  • Everything is alive
    • ‘Stones to me are the objects that parallel all life, more so than trees or mortal things because stones are almost immortal. They know things learned over deep time. Stone represents earth, tools and spirit; it conveys meaning through its use and through its resilience to the elements. At the same time it ages, cracking and eroding as time wears it down, but it is still there, filled with energy and spirit.’

    • We yarn about the sentience of stones and the ancient Greek mistake of identifying ‘dead matter’ as opposed to living matter, limiting for centuries to come the potential of western thought when attempting to define things like consciousness and self-organising systems such as galaxies.

  • Flat-earthers
    • So I listen to them online and realise that the sphere is not the final shape of this creation process. Our own galaxy began as a sphere and flattened into a disc and the earth is gradually flattening itself too, as it spins like a lump of clay on a wheel. It’s only flattened by just over twenty kilometres at the poles so far, but it’s getting there. It’s a good thing I didn’t dismiss the flat-earthers out of hand, otherwise I might never have understood that properly.

    • It comes up off the ground at you, this image, in 3D, and it is a moving, swirling energy system. And, at the outside, a new circle that is really just the one in the middle again, because it all goes back, feeds back into that system in time and place, endless cycles of increase and renewal. We don’t die, we go back to Country, then come around again third time round. Creation time isn’t a ‘long, long ago’ event, because creation is still unfolding now, and will continue to if we know how to know it. It all comes out from that central point of impact, that big bang expanding and contracting, breathing out and in, no start and finish but a constant state where past, present and future are all one thing, one time, one place. Every breath ever taken is still in the air to breathe. I breathe the breaths of the Ancestors, and everybody else’s too. Always was, always is, always will be. And there are flowers here and they make me smile.

    • There is no way to be an outside observer of this system—you have to place yourself in it in order to see it in three dimensions, and you must move around and connect within it in order to see multiple other dimensions. From the outside it is just a flat image. Complexity

    • In contemporary science and research, investigators have to make claims to objectivity, an impossible and godlike (greater-than) position that floats in empty space and observes the field while not being part of it. It is an illusion of omniscience that has hit some barriers in quantum Physics. No matter how hard you may try to separate yourself from reality, there are always observer effects as the reality shifts in relation to your viewpoint. Scientists call this the uncertainty principle.