mf a.k.a Pisistratus (but I like the other spelling better)


  • Reigned in 546–527 BC
  • 3 attempts at tyranny
    • Self-wounding, granted armed guard (560 – 559 BC)
    • Married Megacles' daughter, brought back into Athens by “Athena” (558 – 556 BC)
    • After exile, return with mercenary force, “battle” at Pallene (547 – 546 BC)
  • Established his rule very quickly
    • Seemingly without resorting to violence, there must’ve a lot of popular support
  • Suceeded in exiling the entire Megacles and the entire Alcmaeonidae clan for an entire generation


  • All in all, a fairly benevolent ruler
  • Built large public projects
    • By levying a small tax on agricultural products
      • Large temples and altars were constructed for Zeus Olympios, Apollo Pythios, and the Twelve Gods. In addition, an extensive system of aqueducts and fountainhouses brought a reliable supply of good clean water into the city.

  • Allowed for state-supported agricultural loans to small farmers
  • Set up circuit judges
  • Cleared the Agora of private dwellings
  • Perserved Solon’s constitution, except that his followers hold the highest offices
  • Established panathenian games and Dionysia (festivals of Dionysus)
  • Athenian coinage was introduced